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To talk with God

To talk with God is different than to think about Him. Whenever we think about someone, that person is absent. To think about someone is to make present (re-present) that someone who is absent by means of a combination of memories and images which I have of him or her.

But if that someone is suddenly present before me, I no longer think about him or her, but rather a dialogue is established with the person, though not necessarily one of words but one of intimacy. When two known and loved presences are together, nothing more than a stream of giving and receiving, of loving and being loved, is established.

It is a living cycle of dynamic motion which, however, takes place in utmost quiet. In this type of dialogue, words need not cross (neither vocal nor mental ones) but rather consciousness’s cross.

in an intersubjective exchange, in a projection never identifying yet always unifying. All of what has been said can be summed up in these words:

You are with me. You are with me. I go out on the street and You walk with me. I go to work and You are at my side. While I sleep, you watch over my dreams. You are not a detective who spies; You are a Father who takes care of me. At times I feel like shouting: I am a child lost in the forest, I am alone, no one loves me. Soon I hear Your response: I am with you, be not afraid.

In You, my roots are fed. I wrap myself in Your arms. You are with me. With the palm of Your right hand You cover my head. With the light of Your Eyes You penetrate my depths. I am a child who is cold and You warm me with Your breath. You know perfectly well when I am at rest and when I begin to walk. My wanderings and path are more familiar to You than they are to me. I almost cannot believe it, but, wherever I go, you are with me.

¡You are with me! ¡ Bless your presence!

From the book Sensing Your Hidden Face by fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.