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Be It Done To Me

Mary moves in the spirit of the Poor ones of God and, it seems to me, with that affirmation, "Be it done to me", the Mother offers herself as free and available territory. And, in this way, she expresses tremendous confidence, a bold and fearless abandonment in the hands of the Father, whatever happens, accepting all risks, submitting to all eventualities and emergencies that the future may bring.

With her “Be it done...” Mary was actually saying Amen to that night in Bethlehem, with no home, no crib and no help. Although she had no explicit knowledge of the details....she was saying Amen to the flight to an unknown and hostile Egypt. Amen to God’s silence during thirty years. Amen to the hostility of the Sanhedrin. Amen when the political, religious and military forces grabbed Jesus, torturing and crucifying Him until He died. Amen to all, as much as the Father was permitting, or that she could not change.

To sum it all up, the Mother, with her Amen was plunging into depths of those abundant waters already flowing and replete with the Poor People of God, the ones who never ask, nor question, nor protest, but who surrender themselves silently, placing all trust in the hands of their all powerful and all loving dear Lord and Father.

Extracted from the book “ The Silence of Mary” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.