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Mother of Silence and Humility

Mother of silence and humility,

you who are lost and found

in the mystery of the Lord.

You are availability and receptivity.

You are fertility and plenitude.

You are attention and tender care towards all.

You are clothed in fortitude.

Human maturity

and spiritual elegance are alive in you.

You are your own mistress

before being Our Lady.

There is no dispersal in you.

In a simple and total act,

your motionless soul

is identified with the Lord.

You are in God and God is in you.

Total mystery encompasses

and penetrates you,

possesses, dwells in,

and integrates your whole being.

It seems as if everything has remained

motionless in you, all has been identified with you:

time, space, word,

music, silence, woman, God.

Everything in you seems to have been assumed

and deified.

No one has ever seen

such a gentle human image,

and no one will ever see on earth

a woman interceding so lovingly.

Excerpt from the prayer Lady of Silence, from the book, "The Silence of Mary", by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.