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Jesus in the Last Supper

The Poor One of Nazareth, submerged himself in the silence of his abysses for a long moment, during which memories of his life crossed his mind: he had leapt from the heights of the Father into the womb of his Mother. But the time has arrived to return to his Father. He did only one thing during the passage: He loved. And now, at the end of his life, he prepared to launch the supreme offensive of love.

Then he raised his eyes. With a certain trace of sadness, he looked at those present, one by one. An uneasiness took hold of his disciples who were hanging on the lips of their Teacher as though waiting for some special revelation.

Jesus said to them: “From the depths of my being, I want to speak to you tonight, and I want my words to be echoes of eternity. For many days I have been possessed by the ardent desire that this night would arrive so that I might celebrate the Last Supper of farewell with you before I go.”

“My children, I am leaving. If we do not leap into the precipice, wings will not grow. I will have to be submerged in a bath and after the bath there will be a miracle: pain will have been transformed into love, and love will raise up the walls of the Kingdom. Therefore, I bid you farewell. I will no longer dine with you until the day of the Great Banquet of the Kingdom. But, before I go, tonight I would like to make myself an eternal companion and an inseparable friend of all men until the end of the world.”

Extracted from the book “The poor one of Nazareth” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga