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To Awaken

The secret of wisdom lies in this: the awareness that a name, like a shadow, is empty. The image we have inside of ourselves is also empty, like an illusion. None of that is real. None of that is objective.

To awaken means to become aware that we are preoccupied with something which is unreal; that we are living to serve something fictitious, that we are making a theatrical performance of our lives like those who create little puppets and waste their best energies taking part in that pantomime.

To awaken means that we convince ourselves of the importance of being, that we set all our talents in motion toward their maximum fulfillment, aware of our limitations. It is not worth the trouble suffering and worrying about appearances, the offspring of fantasy. To awaken means to free ourselves from the tyranny of illusions.

If the reader underwent an experience of awakening, he would become aware that the image that he was so preoccupied about was a vain illusion. He would experience a tremendous relief. His antipathies and resentments would automatically disappear, and all would be peace, union and love. This is a liberating experience. This is wisdom. Wisdom brings us into the kingdom of love. Now, we can speak of fraternal love. All this means humility.

This is the disposition that Paul asked from the faithful of Philippi: Jesus’ disposition. In spite of his divine condition, Jesus did not count equality with God; on the contrary, he emptied himself of his state, and took on the condition of a slave, becoming one of many.

In the end he loved us immeasurably because he had reached the heights of emptiness of self and humility. In order to be able to Love, one needs to be poor and to empty oneself as much as possible. This is the most concrete and efficient way to prepare oneself for a beautiful fellowship.

Extracted from the book “Come with me” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.