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The Silence of Mary

Mary’s silence after experiencing the Annunciation was magnificent. The reality of being the Mother of the Messiah and the fact of being it in such a miraculous manner was enough to emotionally impact anyone.

It is most difficult to endure such an enormous psychological shock in silence and all alone. If the young Mary keeps that secret in complete silence we are dealing with an unbelievable human reaction because of the enormous circumstances.

Mary tells no one about the virginal incarnation. She says nothing to Joseph (Matthew 1: 19). She does not tell Elizabeth. When Mary arrived at Ain Karim at the house of Zachary, Elizabeth already knew the fundamental details. Scarcely had Mary opened her mouth to say “Shalom!” Elizabeth burst forth with exclamations and congratulations.

Never has anyone perceived someone so marked with that maternal trait of tenderness, gentleness and silence. Never will it be seen again in this world the picture of a woman so exceedingly indescribable. Never will human eyes ever perceive her inner nature. All the women in this world, those that have lived and those who will live, will have found in this pregnant young girl their highest ideal.

From the book "The silence of Mary" by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga