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The Power of Love

“Wonders of Love, wonders of Love! Write this down, Brother Leo: No prisons are where there is love. There are no mental barriers, no egotistical bonds, no combative energies at death’s beck and call that can resist Love. Brother Leo, what is the difference between God and Love? They’re two sides of the same essence.

Keep writing, Brother Leo:

Love transforms cemeteries into gardens. Love’s vestment is silence. The sweeter melody in Harps made of gold, the vibrant energies of spring, and the splendor of the dawn are no match for the melodies in Love’s bosom. All miracles are possible with Love. Have you not witnessed the latest miracle, Brother Leo? Have you not seen an outlaw become a saint through the magic of Love? How can I say it, Brother Leo? I’ll say it with this one phrase: God is Love.”

Extracted from the book “Brother Francis of Assisi”, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.