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The Nativity night

On Christmas night, the Mother clothed in sweetness and silence rose to the highest summit. There is no house here. There is no crib. There is no midwife.

Christmas night is full of movement: it is time to give birth, the Mother gives birth, she wraps the newborn in swaddling clothes, puts him in a manger. Angelic music breaks through the night silence, the angel tells to the shepherds the news that the long Awaited One has arrived, and he gives them the password to identify Him. Let's go quickly - say the shepherds -, they arrive at the grotto, they find Mary, Joseph and the Child lying in the manger. Undoubtedly they offered them something to eat or some humble gift, they told them what they had seen and heard that night, the listeners were amazed ... is dark night. All is silence.

While such excitement was unfolding, what did the Mother do? What did she say?

“Mary saw all these things, and kept pondering them in her heart.” (Luke 2: 19) Indescribable tenderness, in the midst of unbridled happiness. And all this, in silence.

Many mothers, on giving birth, cry for joy. We can well imagine the intensity of the joy of the Mother. Never is a sensation so profound when nothing is said.

Extracted from the book "The Silence of Mary" by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga