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The Holy Spirit is a huge mystery. The Liturgy of Pentecost assures us that his voice resonates to the ends of the earth; and Jesus tells us that, when the time comes, the Spirit will remind us and make us understand his doctrine in the last intimacy. However, the Spirit is mysteriously silent because it is eternal. And perhaps some of us could repeat what some Christians in Ephesus said: "We have not even heard of the Holy Spirit."

The Sanctifying Spirit works discreetly and without rest in the silence of our hearts. As it is everywhere, perhaps we do not perceive its presence. From Him emanate all the holy lights of our soul, and in the deepest is where our supernatural being takes root. He took possession of us at baptism without uttering a word, and since then he has said nothing. It always operates in the silence of the heart.

Frequently it seems to us that only the exceptional is really the important. The Holy Spirit is the one who recreates the cosmic universe and the world of souls. And we, blind, do not even realize. The tears that distill on the face of a child and the earth that rotates on its axis, are regulated by the same law, the law of gravity. Something like this is the Holy Spirit: force of gravity, invisible, silent, that moves and removes, mysteriously carries and energizes everything that is life.

Your Spirit, my God, is at the origin of all supernatural movements. He has been preparing everything in the depths of our being, before we became aware of it.

Actually it is the Holy Spirit that regulates the march of the world and the history of souls.

When Julius Caesar conquered Gaul, the Spirit was preparing the way of Evangelization. When Augustus ordered the census of the Empire, it was for Jesus to be born in Bethlehem. Everything was directed by the Spirit. The Spirit drives the march of the world. The Spirit is not seen but neither is the boss seen in battles. It is felt everywhere, although it is not seen anywhere. If we had more spirit of faith, we would see the action of the Spirit in many chapters of profane history.

The same Spirit that governs the Church and the world inspires a monk to make a mortification. We may well say that, through our mother, the Spirit has veiled us from our cradle; and that the same Spirit, through the Apostles, has evangelized the distant continents, has brought about reconciliations and so many virtues of souls.

Nothing escapes the action of the Spirit. He is the one who organizes all my existence, and from the Trinitarian depth this movement of energy, compassion and mercy comes to me. Just as by a single gravity all the stones come to the ground, a single pulsation of the Spirit gives the rhythm and movement to the universal Church.

Oh Divine Spirit, consolation of my soul, rest from my fatigue, breeze in the heat. Heal my wounds, fill me with all your gifts, make me a new creature according to the image of Jesus Christ.


Ignacio Larrañaga,

June 2006, Circular Letter No. 21