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The Divine Presence

Signs of creation, community reflections and vocal prayers, can make us present to the Lord. But, if I am allowed use the expression, they are, “particles” of God. Creatures can evoke the Lord for us. A starry night, a snow covered mountain, a flaming dawn, a horizon outlined on a blue background can “give us” God. They can awaken Him in us, but they are not God Himself, they are only evocations, which awaken God in us.

The truly thirsty soul does not conform itself with “messengers”. As Saint John of the Cross says, “Do not send me, from now on any messenger. They do not know how to tell me what I want.” The Spanish mystic also states, “It is very obvious that there is nothing that can cure his pain, but the Presence… asks He to give him the possession of His presence.”

Beyond the signs of creation, and the waters that rain down singing, the soul searches for the fountain itself, God Himself, who is always just beyond the evocations, the concepts and the words.

Thus, the believer must bear in mind that God is not only his creator, he is not only objectively present in his entire being, to whom He communicates existence and consistency; but also the divine Presence is a creating and life-giving reality.

Extracted from the book, Psalms for life by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga