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The Divine Pedagogue

Walking in the ways of the Bible, we often are faced with a singular fact: the starting point where human’s heart wakes up and ascends to God, is ground zero.

When the place of utter destitution is reached and not even a speck of human hope remains; when we know and acknowledge our emptiness and that there is nothing left to hold on to, when all the beams that sustain us crack and give way; then God arises, in his midst, as the only safety column.

We are eternally tempted to idolatry. Any creature: success, strength, power, youth, money, beauty, all seduce us, and we let ourselves be seduced, bend our knees and adore.

It is difficult, and almost impossible to dedicate one’s devotion and time to various gods at the same time. It is only when the worm gnaws the inside of the idols, the dreams take flight and leave, thewalls tumble down stone by stone and when we are left naked and without protection against the elements. It is only then, that we are in a condition to adore; and it is only then that God appears as constancy, strength and as the ever present one.

The poor, and only the poor, have their doors open to awe and adoration.

Extracted from the book, Psalms for Life by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga