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The believer and Faith

Faith from God is a gift, the primary gift. But, it seems to me, there is also a beautiful and basic act of giving on the part of the believer. Faith is a gratuitous act from a believer because, to give that vital adherence, the believer does not have empirical motives or calming reasons. In pure darkness, the believer leaps into the arms of the Father, who is not seen, without having any other motive or security than His Word. There is great gift (and merit) on the part of the believer, in the act of faith. And, we repeat, it is the greatest act of love.

Clearly adult faith is not primarily intellectual adherence to truths, doctrine and dogmas but vital and engaging adherence to a person. It is a matter of assuming a Person, and by assuming it, all his Word is also assumed, which conditions and transforms the life of the believer. The believer surrenders, leaps over all mental processes, above the problems of formulas and content... and “reaches” God, and thus, the Lord becomes certain.

The security that rationality could not give us is given by the One who is the content of faith, on condition that it has been accepted through a “freely given” and unconditional surrender. And so, God, transformed into light (certainty) for the adult believer, leads and precedes the caravan of believers through the desert of life, walking in light and hope. (Ex. 13, 30).

Extracted the book ” Sensing your Hidden Presence” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga