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Prayer and Life

The characteristics of the impulses are surprise and violence. When I am careless, I am capable of any clumsiness. The more I pray, the more alive Jesus is in my consciousness, and the more alive and alert I am, the more easily I will neutralize my impulses and more love there will be in my reactions.

Thus, the impulses of irritability, caprice, envy, revenge, thirst for honor and pleasure ... are overcome in Jesus and with Jesus. With this love grows, and, as love is unitive because it is weight (pondus, Saint Augustine used to say), the attraction for Him grows, speeding towards a new encounter.

In the encounter, his presence becomes denser again. In this way, I am more deified, that is, less selfishness and more love remain in me. I jump to life, and with Jesus everything is easy and everything makes sense. Living is a privilege.

Every achievement is rewarded with great joy and satisfaction. The “weight” grows, which drags me back to the encounter, and I go from the encounter, to life again. And so on. Life and prayer go together in harmonious and alternating growth in this vital cycle.

From the book God in me, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga