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Maria, Center of History

The mystery of Mary shines as a light on the eternal mother, the one who never dies and always survives. The portrayal of Mother Mary assumes and resumes the pain, the struggle, and the hopes of the infinite number of mothers who have eternalized life on earth.

The Incarnation, is a route which leads always upwards and forward until it arrives at its final crowning destination.

"In" Mary, humanity and divinity were identified consubstantially. The human person, by itself, is not yet the person of Christ; The person of the Eternal Word is not, yet, the person of Jesus Christ.

In María, a personifying process was carried out. "In" Mary, humanity and divinity were identified, consubstantially. Human nature is not yet the person of Christ; the Eternal Word is not, yet, the person of Jesus Christ. When both realities were identified in what they call hypostatic union, then we have the person of Jesus Christ.

There was, therefore, a personifying process. And this process was carried out in Mary's womb.

We could say that, simultaneously, humanity assumed divinity, and divinity assumed humanity. And this point of convergence, central node in the history of the world, was consumed "in" Mary. According to the Bible, she is located at an intersection, occupying a central place between men and God.

The Son of God receives His human nature from Mary and enters into the world through this channel. In a word, as Mother, Mary is, along with Christ, the center and the convergence of the history of salvation. Excerpted from the book The Silence of Mary, from p. Ignacio Larrañaga

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