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If you only knew what God is like

Taking into consideration His gradual growth in divine experience and His sensitive and pious temperament, Jesus passed the spring of His childhood and adolescence wrapped in the mantle of the Admirable. By the attitudes and expressions that appear later, in the days of the Gospel, we feel right in thinking that now, as in the days of His childhood and youth, the Incomparable completely occupied His person.

At twelve years of age, He had already felt the burning closeness of the Formidable and the One. His words, answering the grief of His mother (Lk 2:49) indicate that at that age, the bottomless and boundless ocean which is the Absolute had completely taken possession of this little boy. From then on, God alone would be His occupation and preoccupation.

And so, we discover in Jesus a profound and extensive “region of solitude” that no one, not even His mother, can enter, no one but God alone. My mother? Who is my mother? You are my mother. Anyone who takes the Admirable seriously, anyone who declares and makes God the Only One in life, this is my mother, my father, my sister, and brother (Mk 3:35).

God Alone is fresh water; whoever drinks of it will never be thirsty (Jn 4:11-19). If you only knew what God is like, if you only tasted the water...

Extracted from the book Sensing your Hidden presence by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga