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Mary, the Mother, was a walker. He traveled our own routes, and in his walk there were the typical characteristics of a pilgrimage: shocks, confusion, perplexity, surprises, fear, fatigue ... Above all there were questions: what is this? Will it be true? And now what will we do? I see nothing. Everything is dark.

His life was not tourism. Like all of us, she also discovered the mystery of Jesus Christ, with the typical attitude of the Poor of God: abandonment, humble search, trustworthy availability. Also the Mother, was walking between empty streets and dark valleys, gradually looking for the Face and the will of the Father. Same as us.

According to evangelical texts, that was the life of Mary: a navigation in a sea of lights and shadows.

The greatness of the Mother is that when she does not understand something, she does not react in anguish, impatience, irritated, anxious or scared. Instead he takes the typical attitude of the Poor of God: full of peace, patience and sweetness, he takes the words, locks up on himself, and is internalized, thinking, what will these words mean? What will be the will of God in all this? Thus she retreats in her interior and full of peace she identifies herself with the disconcerting will of God, accepting the mystery of life.

What is achieved by resisting the impossible? In those moments, it is up to us to act like Mary: shut up and be at peace. We do not know anything. The Father knows everything. If we can do something to change the chain of events, let's do it. But, those realities that we cannot change, why fight against them?

And then he can introduce himself by telling us: My children: I am the way. Come behind me. Do what I did. They travel the same route of faith that I traveled and will belong to the people of the Beatitudes:

Happy those who, in the midst of the darkness of night, believed in the glow of light!

From the book The Silence of Mary by p. Ignacio Larrañaga