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God's Patience

“Write the following, Brother Leo: The rarest and most precious pearl on God’s crown is patience. O, when I think about God’s patience, I have this irresistible urge to burst into tears, cry my eyes out before the whole world, because tears are the most eloquent way of celebrating this invaluable attribute. And, instead, a bitter sadness takes hold of me when I realize I have not exercised that patience with my adversaries. How I would love to have them here before me so that I could go down on bended knee and kiss their feet.”

“O, the patience of God! Brother Leo, always write this blessed, blessed word with very large letters. I don’t know how to say it. When I think of God’s patience, I just go crazy, out of my mind with joy. I just want to die of pure happiness.”

He repeated several times, as if in ecstasy:

“God is patient! God is patient!”

Francis’ joy was contagious. Brother Leo began to shout this phrase over and over again.

Finally, Brother Francis said:

“Sister Mother Earth, bear witness to this oath,” and, as he placed his hand on the ground, he added: “In imitation of God’s patience, we will never give into feelings of hostility toward anyone. May Sister Earth denounce us if we violate these words in any way.”

Extracted from the book “Brother Francis of Assisi” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga