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Fruits of Prayer

Certain type of prayer is an immediate experience of God; is accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment that does not admit terms of comparison. It is unequaled. There is no sensation in the world that can compare to it in density and joy.

“My Lord, you have given more joy to my heart than others ever knew, for all their corn and wine.”

(Ps 4)

“Let us wake in the morning filled with your love And sing and be happy all our days.”

(Ps 90)

If we understand joy to be the serenity that is above all the ups and downs of life, then whoever walks in the presence of the Lord is clothed in joy. Here is the greatness of a person of prayer; they are able to live in the midst of conflicts and adversities with a soul that is filled with serenity and calm.

Love frees everything that it touches. It only takes experiencing the loving presence of God, and suddenly the soul gets the impression of being free. Free from what? Free from fear, enemy number one of the human hearts.

The bad thing about failure is not failure itself, but the fear of failure. The bad thing about death is not death itself, but the fear of death. I would say with Paul, that neither life or death, the present or the future, the heights or the depths, or anxieties, or tribulations, or persecution, or misunderstanding can take away our glorious freedom, of peace and love.

And here the enchantment with life is born, the vital quality and the humanizing dimension of prayer that carries with it those three qualities that Kazantzakis speaks about:

omnipotence without power

inebriation without wine

and everlasting life