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Friend of my Self

The first step of liberation consists in making me a friend of myself. Observation of life has brought me to the conviction that there are only a few who “like” themselves; and there are many who are secret enemies of themselves.

Throughout life, I have heard different people express themselves in different words in the following manner: “We live only once. And in this one chance, it has become my luck to be someone that I absolutely do not like to be. They say that they do not like the way I am; if they only knew how I do not like my own self…! I can change these clothes. But, I cannot change this personality for another! What I am will end with me in the grave when I am gone. To think that we only live once and yet I got this personality that I do not like…”

And they declare a war of psychological self-extermination. From depths like these arise difficult and conflictive persons that we find in society. They end up saying that it looks like they were born to suffer; and that to have been born is a disgrace.

I have to affirm that it is no disgrace. You are an excellent gift. You are privileged because if you have three defects, you have thirty qualities. You are a work of art elaborated by the Divine Artist. You are a masterpiece coming forth from the divine hands.

If they say that this world is sown with wonders, the greatest wonder is you, bearer of a divine breath. There is only one thing you need: to launch yourself headlong into the powerful and loving arms of the beloved Father with an amen, happy as you are, content with being as you are, and above all else a friend of yourself. Never forget that we are the breath and fragrance of God.

Extracted from de Book “The forces of decadence” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.

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