Novedades Fundación TOVPIL


The degree to which a person opens and gives himself to others, in that same measure he is free, and in that same measure he matures and loves. The destiny of the brother and the measure of his maturity are the gift of his inner richness and, at the same time, a sharing in the richness of others.

Communication, therefore, does not mean conversation -an exchange of sentences, questions and answers. Neither does it precisely mean dialogue. Above all, it is about an interpersonal relationship and revelation. Communication is a vast interplay in which individuals crisscross and interpenetrate each other. There is an intercommunication of consciences by which the other lives in himself and with me, and I live in him and with him.

In a word, communication is an adventure, and it requires courage. Only with much love can one open oneself. But it is a fact that opening oneself to others strengthens the personality and increases one’s capacity to love.

From the book Come with me written by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga