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Called and Sent Forth

On the eve of the celebration of a new Universal Guide Day, a message, always in force, from Father Ignacio to the Guides of the Prayer and Life Workshops:

"Each day we ought to renew our vow of love and commitment to Jesus: that of announcing the Kingdom of God. Not by dedicating our whole life to this, because we have already understood that this is not possible, but by using those times that we have reserved for the Glory of God and his Holy Kingdom. At those times, again and again, there is the commitment to proclaim love, the good news that Jesus brought us of the free and eternal love of our Father God with all his children."

"We are cared for and veiled day and night like a mother does. The Father is lovingly taking care of us, he is not watching us, whatever happened, whatever the general history of your life you are not abandoned, you are not lonely, you are not unloved, no; all the values that we have in the end are reduced in the word love, and you, the Guides, the workshops participants, the men and women are loved, Someone cares about you but this is a matter of faith, and we are going to instill faith first in hearts."

"That is why a Guide cannot falter if they hold onto the hand of Jesus and is committed by his resurrected presence. They will not falter even though they are sometimes ill; even though they may not feel very cheerful; at times they may be discouraged because things did not turn out as they hoped; at other times they may be undergoing a physical or spiritual crisis, or both things at the same time. This does not matter; “Although the outer person suffers temptations, crises, or sickness,” says Paul, “the inner person is permanently strengthened and healed through the power of Christ,” and to the Guide the power of Christ gives him or her an invincible state."

Extracted from the Talk: Essence and Significance of a Guide. 2012 - 2013

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