Novedades Fundación TOVPIL

Build Brotherhood

We build the walls of fraternal communion with stones of different shapes. Some are round like full moons. Others have sharp edges. A few appear to have been cut with a plumb line or to have perfect geometrical shapes. There are also shapeless ones.

Each stone has its own story. The round ones come from rivers in which they were worn smooth by many years of jostling about in the midst of boisterous currents. Others were boulders that bounded down mountain slopes. Some were intentionally quarried.

They are all as different in origin, history and forms as are the members of a community, who come from various homes, regions and continents, each with an unprecedented history and unique personality.

With such diverse personalities, all the stones had to adopt appropriate positions to be fitted to the very different shapes of the other stones. A sustained effort of adaptation was made. Many received blows and lost their edges in order the better to adjust themselves. All mutually support and sustain each other. The large ones bear a great portion of the weight of the wall. Each respects the shape of the other. They have loved each other a great deal because they have given much life to each other.

The task was not easy. If the Lord had not been with us, the efforts would have been useless.

Extracted from the book, Come with me, by fr. Ignacio Larrañaga