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An affectionate heart

To be affectionate means to conduct oneself with an affectionate heart in our relations with others. It means to have friendly and kind feelings that are expressed in the attitudes we have toward those who surround us.

There are no rules for being affectionate. Being affectionate is different from giving a caress. To be affectionate definitively means that from my way of dealing with the other, he or she, perceives that I am with him or her. It is a warm and profound feeling that can be experienced.

Some gestures unmistakably communicate affection -a smile, a short visit, a sincere question: “Did you sleep well?” “How do you feel today?” or a small service, and living with one’s heart on one’s sleeve. It is so easy to make a person happy! With just a word, a gesture, a smile, a glance.

What a beautiful “job” it is to make others happy, be it only for a moment! Bringing a cup of joy to one’s neighbor -what an easy and awesome task!

How wonderful it is to approach a depressed brother and offer him a word of hope: “Have no fear; everything will pass; count on me; tomorrow will be better!”

To be caring, one must not be centered on oneself but go out and be with others.

Excerpted from the book Come with me, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga