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All is Grace

Jesus speaks of God and, behind His words, the echo of passion is heard. He stands out like a peak in a mountain range to declare, God-is-All.

God alone is the Lord of the universe and author of the Kingdom. He goes out to find workers for his vineyard.. There is no need to inquire about the salary, because even the last worker is paid the same as the first. There is no payment; everything is a gift (Mt 20:1- 20). He organizes weddings, and He Himself goes to the streets and market places to look for guests (Mt 22:1-14). Yes, He Himself sends the invitations (Lk 15:3-7).

There are some who would like to read fortune cards, for example, to know and be ready for the future, and to know when the end will come. It is useless. Not even the Son of Man knows. God alone knows the exact hour (Mk 13:32; Mt 24:36, 25:13). All-is-God.

Ridiculous vanities? Who will occupy the first place? Are you able to pass the test? Even if you are able, know that not even I, the Son, can give it to you. God alone gives it. He appoints each one their place. Everything is grace. No one deserves anything. Here everything is received.

Only those who make themselves “little” can receive the Kingdom, life, food, dress, education, and love. The Kingdom is a gift, a present (Lk 12:32). Jesus “knew” God in His long encounters with Him and there “discovered” that All-is-Grace.

Extracted from the book Sensing your Hidden Presence by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.