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A Kingdom of love

In the house at Nazareth lived two people: the Mother and the Son.

On that night, after prayers, Jesus sat at the table. The Mother served, the meal and the two remained in silence. Both perceived that something important was going to happen that night.

The Son was restless, but the Mother even more so. She had an intuition, during the last few years, The Mother had observed the Son carefully and anxiously; and she had arrived at the conclusion that something important was about to happen. She felt curiosity concerning that “something, but she also felt fear, and she almost preferred not knowing what it was all about.

-Mother said Jesus.

She raised her eyes, but lowered them instantly. There was a moment of silence.

The son continued:

-Mother, from the beginning of time, an inevitable tide covers me, pressures me and conquers me. The time has come: I am leaving you and going to proclaim the Kingdom, that will be like a high tide at full moon. I will walk a path bordered by cliffs, where jackals tread; the sparrows will return, and spring will dance once again in our gardens and terraces. I need to release a flood. But remember. Mother, it will not be a flood of water, but of love.

Taken from the Talk “Christ, the Sense of Life”, Culmination Weeks 2012, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga