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TOV Family celebrates the 7th anniversary of Fr. Ignacio

A great majority of the Guides of the world were able to live "virtually" in silence and intimacy with the Lord, this 7th anniversary of the departure to the House of the Father of our Founder, thanks to the live broadcast from the Foundation House in Santiago.

The transmission began with a moment of prayer at his grave in the Parque del Recuerdo cemetery in Santiago. Then followed the Mass celebrated with much anointing by Father Miguel Ángel Ariz OFM Cap, brother and friend of Father Ignacio, from the same Community that counted him among his own for so many years. In the celebration he was accompanied by Antonio Ríos, deacon and TOV Guide.

Also moving was the motivating message from Ricardo Amaya, International Coordinator to the Guides in these times of pandemic and calling them to live the mission with a renewed evangelical spirit.

The program to commemorate such an important date ended with the video talk on the Life of Father Ignacio, which will help the new generations of Guides to learn more about his life and work.