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An always valid Message

“Three traits design the figure of the Active Guide, traits that I will never tire of insisting:

First, you are teachers of prayer; you cannot understand a teacher of prayer without being a soul of prayer. Above all, save the Intense Moments.

The second trait must be humility: that is, to be moderate, benign, patient, disappeared, austere, misappropriated, hidden, combining humility with efficiency.

Third, you are not first of all a work team but a united and happy family, who love each other, that is, who live trying to respect, understand, forgive, accept, stimulate, encourage, welcome each other, and have always over your heads a crown: the golden dream of Jesus.

Make an effort to live these three traits and the rest will follow”.

p. Ignacio Larrañaga

Excerpted from the message of Father Ignacio sent to the II National Congress of the Prayer and Life Workshops of Brazil - May 1991