Novedades Fundación TOVPIL

The Universal Day of the Guide for Santiago’s Local Coordinations was celebrated at the Foundation House, on Saturday, June 8th. It was the first activity carried out since the process of repair and adaptation began in this center for the irradiation of the spirituality of the TOV .

The Eucharist was presided over by the Capuchin Fathers, Miguel Angel Ariz and Leonardo González, they were accompanied by the Guide, Antonio Ríos, in his capacity as Deacon. A large group participated in the Mass of Pentecost with devotion and emotion. After the Mass was over, Sara Sepulveda, on behalf of the TOVPIL Foundation addressed the participants to welcome and invite all the Guides of Santiago and the world, to make the house a truly vital center of the TOV. She stressed that when the house is ready the Foundation Team will always be available to coordinate any activities that the Guides may want to carry out.

On that occasion, Emeritus Guide Certificates were awarded within the Local Coordinations of Santiago. Among the Guides who received their Certificates were four founding Guides who stood out as they had participated with Father Ignacio in the embryonic workshops of the 80s that since their creation have given so much fruit to the Church and the world.

There were many special moments that bright morning, and there was no lack of music, or Pentecostal joy in this special celebration of the TOV Guides. The party ended with an animated fraternal gathering where participants in a festive and joyful environment shared and enjoyed their 2019 Universal Day of the Guide.