Novedades Fundación TOVPIL


“Lord God, Father of us all, who looks at us, envelops us, probes us, you are our strength and our consistency, our joy; you are everything to us all. We believe in all this, we proclaim you as our Lord and our God. We are happy to have gathered in your name, we come to ask you to send the power of the Holy Spirit, power of inspiration and consolation. Make each one of us, and all together, an abode of Your Presence, and be this a moment when in Your name we clarify everything. Be You for all of us, guidance and joy at all times. May the Spirit of Truth enlighten our minds and the Spirit of union make us all a union, and the Spirit of consolation be an authentic consolation for the interiority of all of us who are here. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Prayer of p. Ignacio Larrañaga on August 18, 1984, addressed to the group he prepared to be the first Guides of the Prayer and Life Workshops.