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Jesus, the Father's rhapsodist

He finished by telling them, “I forgot something else: do not judge the power of the sea by its white crests. Despite his tenderness, the Father possesses total power. Don’t ever forget that. All the same, his tenderness prevails. Let us break the locks, iron bars and chains; free the birds and caged animals. Then all over the world will rise the miracle of an immense family under the watchful eyes of the Father. Just as the seedlings under the snow dream of springtime, so the poor and humble dream of the coming of the Kingdom of Love, full of gifts. The hour is near. It is about to arrive. The Father already walks in the clouds, descends in the rain, smiles through the flowers, sleeps in the hearts of mothers, plays with children, watches over those who sleep, strengthens the weak, accompanies the desolate. The Kingdom of God has arrived. Alleluia!”

And it was not only that day. During the whole year, Jesus went to marketplaces and town squares like a popular rhapsodist, creating parables, speaking of dreams, in order to tell them that God is the Father and that we are brothers and sisters.

Taken from The Poor One of Nazareth, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga