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The Christian of the future "must enter the unfathomable regions of the mystery of God."

The founder of the Prayer and Life Workshops, Ignacio Larrañaga says that the Christian of the future :

“It must go into the unfathomable regions of the mystery of God. You will experience that God is the Other Shore, at the same time measure your distance and proximity; and as an effect of this, man will come to feel the vertigo of God, which is a fascination, annihilation and awe. Those who return from this adventure will be figures chiseled by purity, strength and fire. They have been purified in the sweeping proximity of God, and upon them the image of their Son will appear patent and dazzling ”(1)

The essential content of this message is described by him, admirably and with a profusion of details, in the "Encounters of the Experience of God".

His message is permanently an invitation "to start the itinerary towards the meeting by putting into action all the necessary human and psychological resources, and different forms of prayer that he deems indispensable for the first steps, and whose ultimate goal is none other than to recover the inner unity , serenity and peace ”.

(2) And in this way, by experiencing God, by "knowing" his beauty and power, a vibrant love for Him is born in each person, a unitive force that produces a strong desire to become one with Him, "and so on. Today's men and women can pass through the world as a living transparency of God. ”(3)

Content Correspondence

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