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In the shelter of Your Presence

For those who let themselves be embraced by the Divine Presence, this Presence will become a sure refuge and a shelter (like a bulletproof vest); for those who trust Him, God becomes an shielding Presence. The arrows may fly, but they will crash against the coat of those who have trusted in Him, and would not even scratch their skin. They are shielded by the enveloping Presence. God himself makes them impervious to the darts and surrounds and protects them.

Verses 20-23 from psalm 31 describe this feat of liberation admirably, even analytically, and with true hierarchical inspiration. They come to tell us that we are not going to be exempt from scheming enemies, arrows and plotting tongues (v. 21). However, to “those who trust in you” (v 20) “You hide them in the shelter of Your presence.” (v. 21). A very beautiful expression and a very precise analysis.

The Father will not stop somebody from plotting and shooting their arrows, but at the same time He will not permit that those “who trust in Him,” be wounded. Therefore, the psalmist is no longer worried, because he has taken his refuge in God as if in a “city most secure” (v 23).

Those who on the wings of faith, flew upward towards the open “spaces” of God, trusting in Him; those who gave Him the keys to their dwelling places, these will all participate in the freedom, the strength and the daring of God.

Extracted from the book “Psalms for life” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga