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92nd Anniversary of Father Ignacio Larrañaga’s BirthFounder of the Prayer and Life Workshops. Today, May 4th, we present to the Lord a song grateful to our God and Father for his son Ignacio Larrañaga when we celebrate the 92nd Anniversary of his birth. He dedicated his days, and his entire life to the service of others with idealism and generosity, touring continents tirelessly to tell us that only God is enough, and to show us the figure of Christ Jesus and his Mother Mary with emotion.

The Lord took great care of him so that the world would know through him the God of Love, the One who loves freely. He left us an irreplaceable tool to make life a happy song through Humility. Unequivocal, transcendent and fundamental word in the spirituality that bequeathed us for the good of many.

He lived joyously with the permanent feeling that life is a privilege of God, transmitting his experience to the TOV Guides who go around the world distributing his teachings.

Glory to you Lord for this son of yours!